Pura Lopez shoes offers pure pleasure

Clean? If you're shopping for shoes for women, then you should. Pure is the first name of a designer named Smith. The Spanish shoe company has become one of the best in the world of women's shoes.

1.It tries combine form and function.

The company is struggling to produce shoes for women who are not only functional but also attractive. It is a delicate balance that many shoe manufacturers do not achieve in the situation. However, the company is Mrs. Lopez shoes. Shoes that is made is to use daily for women, but comfortable, draws attention, too. The company itself noted that the shoes to "communicate" the way of the world. For example, a mirror of the personality of the wearer of the shoe.

2. It is available in many stores.

One of the main advantages of a shoe factory to become the rule, that their shoes are more accessible. This is another important advantage of the choice of shoes, the company. Are available from several online and offline, shopping more convenient for them. Although you have to shop around for the right model and price, this is not mission impossible.

3. Produces a wide range of footwear.

Lopez shoes informal to formal shoes, boots and Pura - made Ms. Lopez Shoe Company shoes with different materials, shapes and colors. That is, it will probably be able to find the right shoe for every occasion. This differs from other footwear manufacturers who only specialize in one (or more) of special shoes. Women need shoes for different occasions, so this is certainly one of the best options in terms of variety of shoes.

4. There since 1956.

Even though the company has existed for over five decades, it is interesting that it was originally known as Pura L髉ez. In fact, the company as "Antonio Lopez Moreno, and worked as a family. While were all manufacturers of footwear to the source of successful family business that does not help certainly. The main advantage that family in a family has total control over the various factors associated with the manufacture of a product. In the world of shoes, including shoe design, craft and marketing. With mergers and acquisitions have become so common today, it's reassuring to know that some companies have started from the base.

5. Its chief designer was in the 1980 Pura.

This was after Mrs. Lopez has studied interior design in Valencia, Spain, and Fashion Design in New York hermes wallet, USA. As you can imagine, this led to the transformation of society in society. Pure background in interior design and fashion design provides the tools for making shoes of prominent women. Which interior design have to do with fashion? Style and comfort are important to both camps gucci replicas, as Ms. Lopez could certainly benefit from studying these two areas.

If you want to enjoy the perfect woman's shoes, should Pura Lopez shoes. For more than half a century, his company has the shape and function of your shoes to perfection.
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